Today, I threw away some cookies. They were vanilla and chocolate. They sit out on a counter, where people fix their coffee. I was hungry, so I grabbed two. They were awful. They were stale. I’m sure they would never be threatened by ants or roaches.

I need to replace the cookies. I would prefer, they were not there at all. They are processed and cancer producing. Who really needs that? But none the less, there they are.

Tech cookies are similar. They are going to be there. They have their purpose, but they funnel you down a sales and marketing, limiting hole. They want to control and limit your taste buds. They want to control your purchases.

Can I throw away my cookies completely. No. It would not be to my benefit. However, knowing what cookies are and the quality of the cookie that I want, I have to work.

Technology will pigeon hole you, and limit your life. If you don’t pay attention and work hard for what you want, going against the grain, your beautiful inquisitive life will be reduced to an artificial, old, tasteless cookie, that is too crummy to crumble.

Who needs that?

A sheep away from the herd, cannot find it’s way. It has no sense of direction. It’s a good thing, I’m not a sheep.

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