Domestic Details


Paralleling the concepts of and @everydaypazarazza my instagram account, which celebrates the extraordinary, mediocrity of everyday existence, I keep thinking, “Every one looks like a movie star to me”.

My i4 does not take crisp, clear photos. It just doesn’t. But I would be hard pressed to upgrade my phone. I will continue to utilize this camera, until there is an occurrence, changing my circumstances, be it theft, loss, or a total breakdown, of the camera or my psyche.

Normally, I first edit my shots that I choose to display. Go ahead, and toss the bad ones. I loose the ones with closed eyes or the look that a tree is growing out of their head, etc. Then I place them in an app (square fix), to give them a square shape. Then I go to instagram. I choose a filter or not; then post.

I only display what I consider to be good shots. The average person hates a bad picture of themselves, but will equally enjoy a good one. Your reputation is everything. People need to trust that you are not going to be posting ugly images.

My instagram gallery has a consistency, for an overall aesthetic appearance. In other words, there is a continuity.

I relate it to an art show, where all of the pieces in the exhibit, need to work together.

Viewing the above portrait, I knew it needed extra editing.

I used Pixemator, which I have on my laptop. It’s a twenty dollar, editing software, that is a good place to start.

I am passionate for my art, and do not want to be a sucker for sales and marketing, and the competitiveness of this trade.

Be in love with your life, every detail of it. A quote by Jack Kerouac.

It’s the only ways to be.

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