Creating My Gravatar


Meet my new Gravatar. For those that don’t know, a gravatar is a graphic representation of a blog user. It’s your cyber identity. When you like or comment on a post your icon will appear. A person can hover over the image and more information (a profile), will display. My about information is once again empty. Tossed in the trash, to be replaced at a future date.

Having a new name, I wanted a fresh image to represent Fish Eye Farm.

I do not have mad, graphic skills, but I do know some things. This image was Steined, from the app Logoist and Pixelmatr, layered over a surf shot I took at Playa Avellanas.

If you want to learn, you have to be willing to experiment. If you are forever handing your computer challenges over, to someone else, you will never learn. You have to be willing to fail, bearing in mind, that there are edits, never mistakes.

The actual gravatar,  you see on my page, is not a square. I knew that it would be cropped, to a circle image. It’s all about the process. Not unlike framing a painting. We have to start somewhere. No one is going to be responsible for your art, but yourself.

Be the boss of your computer and your camera. Educate yourself.

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