DxO One

~ with the Universe

The interchange of technology has no terminal velocity. It continually accelerates. Which is wonderful if you have cavernous pockets. Or your spending habits have no boundaries. Or you happen to be one of those photographers that the manufacturers/sales and marketers give the cameras to, to entice others to purchase their newest, latest and greatest camera or gadget. Continue reading “DxO One”

The Internal Dialogue

of Cross Fit

30713121_10215700904537219_8093810116341530624_nThe other days was a bumpy one;  life on life’s terms. As I laid my head, on my pillow, I could hear the voices of the people, that I work out with, in Cross Fit. They chanted, “You’ve got this, Miss Cheri.” “You can do it.” They were a choir of encouragement. It dawned on me how powerful that is.

As a whole ~

Cross Fit has been the most challenging and positive influence, in my entire life. 

Where will I go from here.

Maintain a Blog

The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life AND BLOG, is the source from which self-respect springs. A quote by Joan Didion and Secondhand Surfer

blog phot

To maintain a blog was advice, on how to be a professional photographer, from one of those many “how to” cyber sites. I did get some good ideas from my reading. It’s just that, I know, I am not able, to follow the advice. My lifestyle leads itself to the impossible, on one hand, and endless possibilities on the other. My life is a lazy, busy, intricate web of photography, nature, and people. Every day brings about different colors, cultures, animals and moods. The one consistent is, there is no consistence.  Continue reading “Maintain a Blog”

Turtle Time

A slow and steady progress has always worked best for me. Desiring results in an instant was an earlier downfall in life. I had to learn to be happy in the day. The overall picture takes time.

I am nursing a sore area, in my lumbar. I will call it a soft tissue injury. I went to see my chiropractor yesterday afternoon. That was my third visit, since I felt the pull nine days ago. I will get a massage today.

Not that I would ever want an injury, however, they do happen.

Mentally, I’ve adjusted. Now it takes time.

What would a turtle do?turtle

Crossfit Injury

crossfitYes, I have a soft tissue injury. Was it worth it. Heck yeah. I’ve finished my total events, in the open. I haven’t posted my score yet. Why give someone a goal to beat. I’ll post tomorrow morning.

I’ve only been at this, for about four months now, and I am into it.

I pulled my back, a bit, on the 125 lb. dead lifts. I didn’t even know I was hurt, until four days later, when I attempted lifts again, at a much lighter weight. Continue reading “Crossfit Injury”