The Gift

* The Gift is authored by guest writer ~ Jarrod Kaylor.

The best gift I have ever given ~ I also received a gift ~ from giving it. Recently, last December, I was fortunate enough to change someone’s life and they changed mine, as well. I went on a surfing trip to Nicaragua and my life was touched by a kid there, about the same age as me.

This kids name is Ramone. He is a Nicaraguan local that surfed. He absolutely KILLED it. He was so good at surfing and he was surfing on a terrible board, but it didn’t hold him back. I was surfing with him one day, while we were there, and we kind of had a language barrier, but we could still converse.

Anyways, the day before I was leaving Nicaragua we were hanging out at the surf house. I got to thinking how lucky I am to have all of these boards and how ungrateful I truly was.

God talked to me on this day and told me to give this kid my board. It was new and when I handed it to him he was speechless.facebook_-858321963-1

I started to tear up and so did he. He was so happy, he gave me a hug and wouldn’t stop saying gracias. That night I cried like a baby, because it hit me so hard. It was truly the best gift I’ve ever received; and the best gift I’ve ever given.

I was touched and always will be.

*I’ve always heard it’s better to give than to receive. I agree one hundred percent with Jarrod. There is a gift in the giving.

He was obedient to his inner voice and in that there is always a reward.

It’s  Monday morning and in a few hours I will be at work, with the kids at surf camp. Jarrod is one of the instructors.

IMG_7138oIMG_7150IMG_8621Jarrod is a blessing in my life, as Ramone was in his. I hope that he will continue to write about his experiences, and continue to share them with us at Secondhand Surfer.


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