To Be a Pro

IMG_0157xxTo be a pro surfer-first-you have to get to the WAVE!

The waves here in South Nicaragua are going off. And yes, five surfers and one girl friend, that I began this trip with are not here.

Why? Because they turned around and went home.

Yes, Spirit Airline had mechanical problems with the plane. But we were the first in line to be re-routed through American Airlines.

I spent four hours, becoming perplexed, as I watched everyone else get into cabs with vouchers, and head to the Miami Airport.

After almost all other passengers were gone, the agent approached us and let us know that they could not accommodate seven people together.

What! We could have split up! What do you mean?

One of the surfers was adamant that we could not be separated, as to the sketchiness of the Managua Airport. What!

The driver would have waited an hour or however many hours for us to gather back up in Nicaragua.

Plain and simple. Spirit Airline would have had us in Nicaragua before noon, the next day. I’m sure earlier. I’m being generous with the time.


One surfer, Bradley Dunham, would not give up. He was going, even if he had to do the eighteen hour lay over in Costa Rica. He tried to convince the team to DO IT!  He was going to the wave. I was in his corner.

At one point, when the agent realized what had happened, she came back and said she could get five on one plane and two could take the Costa Rican layover. To me that clearly translated to, the guys could go surf, and myself and the girlfriend could catch up later. But she was done. Oh well….

I’m still in Bradley’s corner, as well as the TEAM!

I’m here in my studio, honing my skills.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am learning a lot. Remember, Video 101. It was a well-known fact, before I left here, that I know nothing about video. But I learn everyday. That’s what it’s all about. To be professional, you have to let go of your ego. You come to realize that there are always those that are better and, then those that are not as skilled. When you get that down, you’re on your way. That is being humble.

I’m proud of Bradley’s perseverance, and I want to help him get his two-minute video. A local camera man has been hired to help him achieve that.

And like I said, the waves are going off.

As to the girlfriend, check out the girl on my yesterday’s Secondhand Surfer post. She was coincidentally with five surfers and she was the camera person. A beautiful, girlfriend, camera woman. 

Just saying……we pay our nickel and we make our choices! That’s life.

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