Crossfit Injury

crossfitYes, I have a soft tissue injury. Was it worth it. Heck yeah. I’ve finished my total events, in the open. I haven’t posted my score yet. Why give someone a goal to beat. I’ll post tomorrow morning.

I’ve only been at this, for about four months now, and I am into it.

I pulled my back, a bit, on the 125 lb. dead lifts. I didn’t even know I was hurt, until four days later, when I attempted lifts again, at a much lighter weight.

I am back in the states, and it’s best to not mention it to anyone. The first thing they say is ~ “have you had an MRI”? My answer being an adamant, no! (How did my Grandmother ever live to be in her nineties without one MRI.) What I have done is stretches, seen my chiropractor twice, and plan to have a massage. I will keep both of these up, at paced intervals. I will not quit exercising. I will go to the gym at noon today, and bicycle, switching to pull ups; just a few reps of each.

I have been consistently athletic in the last thirty years. I have been an avid long distance runner, bicyclist, hiker, surfer, climber, and anything else that gets my attention. From the onslaught, I had to listen to much negative BS. It ranges from, you are going to kill yourself, to “what do you think you’re doing”, “you just can’t accept your age”. In the past ten years, it has gotten worse. I have had to listen to a choir of nay sayers. Good Lord man, they need to get off the couch, and the meds.

Or just leave me alone and watch…..

In the past years, it has been difficult to even go to church. They say you go through seasons of life. And they put me in the category of ice cream circles. F that!

In the past thirty years, with all of my injuries, I have never healed them, with a medical doctor. I have done everything in a holistic fashion. ZERO MEDS.

So, I’m making this one public.

Let’s see what happens.

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