My Crossfit Crew

These are the people that I have been working out around (not with) for about three months now. Today, is my last day here in CR. I have one more work out at 9 o’clock. I look forward to it. I feel the froth.

I have competed in the Open, this year. My coach suggested it, and I said sure. Right now I’m #1 in the country. I looked at Florida’s leader board and I would be way down in the rankings.  But I’m not there, so I’m enjoying it. 

There’s a huge surf contest going on out at Avellanas, and I could care less. For one thing, I never enjoy contests. I thought I would go to this one, because of a particular surfer Malakai, who I have enjoyed watching since he was about six years old. But I dread the thought of baking in the sun, for the photos. Why would I want to do that to myself?

Contest aside, surfing in crowds has lost its appeal to me. The line up is filled with jack asses, people that have never surfed, and their crazy “coaches” who push them in front of people, so they can take the next wave. I’ve ALWAYS had to fight for my waves. But it has gone beyond the realm of anything enjoyable at all. Not to mention the lame surfer who thinks he is the king of the beach, who rants and raves over who dropped in on who, while I have a portfolio of his drop-ins. But I would never show them. Who cares?

I’m going to go to my WOD and I’m going to be greeted by smiles and camaraderie.

Surfing is on the shelf, until I find a better break.

This change is going to require much juxtaposing in my life, physically and technologically.

But I am up to it. This has been a change, a long time coming.

I scoured the Western Hemisphere to find Avellanas. I can scour the world again. One Crossfit Box at a time.

2 thoughts on “My Crossfit Crew”

  1. ” Happiness is not a matter of intensity it consists of balance, order, rhythm and harmony “.
    You’re using these tools of happiness. Thank you.
    ~ Peace, Love & Harmony

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