Surf Competition

Playa Tamarindo
Playa Tamarindo

The Circuito Guanacasteco de Costa Rica, held a local competition in Playa Tamarindo, not far from my home.

The Judges

The first day we experienced twenty-five MPH winds. It was hard to stand up, much less, hold my camera still.

The Wind
The Wind

The second day was hot, and like a novice, I had no shade. I will never do that again.

Super Sun w/no hat
Super Sun w/no hat

But the week-end did have its perks. I got some good shots. I culled them. It’s tempting to show the big waves and spray, but I’ve got to learn my camera and get beyond the blur.

Competing Surfer
Competing Surfer

My favorite heats were the children and the long boarders. But I found myself drifting out of the competition area and shooting the everyday surfers.

Dolpin/Children's Heat
Dolphin/Children’s Heat
Not a Competitor
Not a Competitor

Also, I met Fabian Sanchez, the photographer, for Surf Nation; a Costa Rican online Surf Magazine.

Fabian Sanchez
Fabian Sanchez

With all of this, now in my distant past, I am once again forced to ask myself, what do I want out of this. Why am I doing this?  What is fun and what isn’t. I run to the internet to educate myself about settings and lenses.

There are a plethora of facets, to photography, like a cut diamond, it illuminates my soul.

In it for the long haul-photo by Fabian Sanchez








Not everyone has the same experiences in life. Family has been like walking a path – in very heavy traffic – I dodge, weave, and get hit. I find it best to hide out in the median.

Fish Eye Farm

Portrait of siblings?Eanie meanie mynie moe

Catch a sibling by the toe

If they beat you to and froe


Because~nobody else is going to help you

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Same Water


It’s pre-dawn. I’m up, enjoying my first cup of coffee. One cup at a time, poured through a sock. No coffee pot for me.

I remember when in the plumbing industry, pipe went from cast iron to plastic. There was an uproar. A cry of injustice. Doesn’t that seem silly now. It’s been consistent in every trade. Now art.

I am an artist and studied for years. I thought I was learning about art, and I was. But in the big picture, of my life, I was healing, making friends and having colorful days.

When you do what you do, you never know what you’ve done, until the drip of time passes, flooding your mind with memories. So, let there be a sea of images captured there; crisp, blurred, distant, up close.

That’s why I do what I do.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI started to title this Christian Community ~ but I thought better of it. I don’t want to start a Holy War.

All I know is, I have an opportunity, to meet with fellow Christians and help to feed some hungry people.

It’s Sunday morning and I have found myself congregating with a group called, The Carpenter’s Way. We meet above a restaurant, in the town of Brasilito. They do not pass a basket for money. – hmm…that’s different. Personally, I give, but there’s no part of the sermon where money is asked for.

We have two hundred hot dogs to cook today.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been hungry and without; if you’ve ever felt the humiliation of not being able to feed your family. I have.

And I have been blessed.

It’s all about love and the Grace of God.

So ~ I Praise the Lord!