Back to Me

I’m happy to say that I participated in the Liebster Award. It’s a bit of a project; a longer post than I would ever write. But I did enjoy it. I became more aquainted with a few bloggers I follow, and I learned a tech trick or two. That makes it all worth while. After all, a portion on my blog investment is to learn my camera and my computer.

Bold Life is the title of the theme, used for my blog. It’s offered to me by WordPress. I’m sharing this information, for those who don’t know the protocol and those that might want to blog one day. In January, hoping to improve my presentation, I went searching for a new theme. I had been blogging for a year and I wanted to step it up.  I desired something with more pizazz ~ more professional looking. I wanted bells and whistles. It’s the same old story. The grass looks greener on the other side.

I landed Secondhand Surfer on two, different themes. I even entertained the thought of purchasing a “high end” theme. They sure do look purdy. As of yesterday, I came to my senses and retreated to my old, familiar neighborhood. It feels like coming home from an unsuccessful road trip. There might not have been mosquitos and roaches, difficult personalities and a broke, bank account involved, but it was a disaster, and I’m glad it’s history.

I still can’t get my pics to upload. I tried it on a friend’s computer, in my house, and had the same results. This indicates that the problem is the internet. It’s too slow.

I’m back to the old adage; patience and perseverance is the key to all success.

I am going to Playa Avellanas to surf this afternoon. My camera is going with me. I’ll get results with that  ~  right?

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