Go Tell God


Q. Where are you going?  A. I don’t know. Q. Why don’t you know? A. Does anyone know? Q. Some people do. A. Really? You know your future? Q. Of course I do, I spend time planning. A. Raise you hand if you know you will be alive at midnight. Q. But we must plan. A. No, you must plan. I prefer not to.

Coffee Wars


Yeah – it looks a little dirty. The sock turns brown and stays that way. The wood gets stained, from early morning spills. It’s Ok.

Give me a sock and some good coffee.

I use to drag a ten cup Mr. Coffee with me, everywhere I went. ~ Goodbye to that!

Now, when I come to the modern world, with it’s Jetson bean machines, I have my third world apparatus in tow.

Have I won or lost this coffee war?

*I found this in my drafts. It’s an example of my here again, there again life.

* I’m back.