Step 11

Discipline is the spiritual principle that correlates to this beautiful step of prayer and meditation. Daily we ask to be led by the Spirit. We get quiet and wait for answers. We become responsive, rather than reactionary. Through this step I have been able to do things otherwise never possible. Through my prayer and meditation I receive power from the Source.

Step Eleven

Rise Up and KISS

~The Fish~

Last night, I started writing my post. I began with my discovery of Costa Rica. I was trying to relay how coming to this country was a spiritual quest. I was answering the still small voice in me that said, GO.

Answering that voice use to be scary; now, it’s old hat. I practiced, practiced, practiced!

My post got too wordy, and too bogged down, trying to share my experiences. It seemed important, but proved difficult.

This morning, waking anew, I just want to tell you the results of my spiritual adventure~I rise up and enjoy the day the Lord has made~

Regardless of my circumstances, that is what I do.

Trying to live here in Costa Rica, brought me to my knees, and that’s obviously a good place for me to be.

Keep it Simple Silly

Looking back~

This is Susan Nicks~my first spiritual teacher~she taught me that everything I really needed to know, I had learned in kindergarten, among other things. I don’t believe our paths crossed, by accident. I do believe in God. God is alive and God lives through me.

Just the other day I had the feeling of looking to my future. Today I have the feeling of looking back. It has been quite a year. Like every year, there’s always good happening and things that are not so good. What I have come to realize is, it’s what I focus on the most, is going to determine the overall mood of my life. So,why not focus on the good? It’s a choice.

There was a time in my life, when I can honestly say that I did not possess that choice. I was ruled by all things external.

Due to circumstances, I found myself in the company of people who knew a better way to live. It involved becoming unenmeshed. I do not have to be homogenous with those around me.

When people call you rebellious or lazy, what they are saying is, they cannot control you.

It was required in my home, for everyone to think along the same lines: to do things in a unified time frame. That was impossible for me. Not only with my family of origin, but in other social settings. I always wondered, why in the world should I wear my hair like that, or drive a car like that, or live in a house like that. Just to be like everyone else?

However, if you’re the odd man/woman out, it can be  a trial to say the least.

Then, it happened, for me, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

I learned to ~ Let Go and Let God ~To Live ~ One Day at a Time ~Relax.I let life unfold; I practice, Live and Let Live ~ To Thine Own Self Be True ~ Love and Service…People First, Money  Second  (Suzie Orman). And in the words of  Scarlett O’Hara, “Why do today, what you can put off until tomorrow” ~ Slow down you move to fast, you’ve got to make the morning last (Paul Simon) ~just have a good day, it’s really all you have (me)

Life is not a competition.

For twenty-four years, I have made New Years’ Resolutions. I know what I am going to resolve, in my life, this year. In looking back, I feel strong in looking forward. And whatever I do, I don’t have to do it alone.

If I have a choice, which I do, then, why not?