Not of this World

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADespite wealth, fame, and accomplishments, all human beings are subject to impermanence. People, places, and material things will always come and go; we can’t stop it. There are times we will be stripped of everything we have tried to hold onto. Once we accept those seemingly unacceptable circumstances, we will be led to surrender; and on the other side of surrender is a joy and peace that is not of this world. (From The Mindful Addict)

It’s a new day, of a new year. And today my resolution is God-conciousness. I have zig-zagged for thirty years. I get side tracked. I become involved in worldly things. It never works.

It was a mind set, totally different from religion that set me free. One without rules. One with an all loving God; excluding the devil and hell.

The idea of getting older has loomed over my life in 2017. It gave me a lot to think about.

The answers are always the same, no matter what your age. It’s all relative. Don’t compare.

If I don’t enjoy my life and getting older, it’s no one’s fault but my own. I love to charge and I love to surrender. Charging is chaos and surrender is blissful. I see Cross Fit in my life for the charge and large doses of  meditation for surrender.

I’m lead to the water and I don’t mind drinking.

As I sit at my desk, surrounded by my books, I let go. I breathe.

As I go through the day, in my garden, surrounded by flowers and fruit, or play my guitar on it’s, oh so high neck, or I doodle my art, or talk on the phone to my friends back home, I will cherish my moments.

The best of life is in the unseen.

* I have been purposefully avoiding different tech aspects of my life. Not 100%, but I have made myself participate in other activities. I have been writing, but on text edit. This is a few days old, but who cares. That’s part of my problem with the current threads of life. Has no one ever heard, haste makes waste.






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