Core Couplets

I have been watching the Crossfit Games. OMG. It’s hard to figure out what’s going on. I enjoy watching the strongest, but I have a special interest in two other groups, as well.

The over sixty women, for the obvious reason. I can watch and see the sort of workouts that will be thrown at me in the open. They didn’t jump on the Box! They scale the muscle ups. Knowledge is power.

I also wanted to watch the women (40-44). Erin Carter is on of my coaches. She was the number one qualifier, but has not placed high in the events. She just finished the Core Couplets. She finished last and was surrounded by the other women cheering her on. I bet they love her. She is an exceptional person. I am so stoked for her. Losing in this sort of competition, is still winning.

Yesterday, I showed up at my usual class, here in Costa Rica. We have partner workouts on Saturday, and once again I was alone. I did the entire thing solo. AMRAP – it was scaled, lifting, toes to bar (which I can’t do yet, but close) and step ups on the box and then run 400mts. with a ten pound ball.

I did six rounds in thirty minutes.

I pushed myself at the end of my run and rounded the corner, for my finish, and to my surprise, the other athletes had created an arch, for me to run through.

What! Crossfit people are so cool.

From the top to the bottom, it’s all about being a better person.

I, too am surrounded, by the best of the best ~ Every time I show up for Crossfit.



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