Changing My Mind ~

I have the power, within myself, to change. My mother use to always say, “a leopard can’t change it’s spots.” It made me feel locked into my life’s patterns; to the most negative aspects of my psyche.

I had to have help realizing that, I am not a leapord, and I can change. As it turns out, I am a turtle.

2 thoughts on “Changing My Mind ~”

  1. When I was training to be trainer at the ritz Carlton, the 6 week class we were taking said a zebra cannot change it’s spots had a very negative impact on my life and I believed that I was a zebra metaphor and didn’t believe I could change my mind about myself , I lottery thought I was stuck for life in my mistakes and failures rather than realizing it was those very things that gave me the power to change my perceptions, it took some very hard experiences for me to love who I am flaws success failures alike . We are beautiful loving creatures who deserve more than this competing society has determined to drive us into ! Be your best self to this best earth 🌍 we all deserve better than! I was a caterpillar 🐛 a cocoon , a butterfly 🦋 many different stages of change along the way ! Be who you wish to be best self !

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