Out of Nowhere

It’s never “out of nowhere”. Happenings are an accumulation of. Today, I am depressed. Or am I resting, recuperating from a barrage of words? Conversations? Ones that I could have done without?

I can only handle so much.

Therefore, I really don’t care what people want.

My writing is a journal.

I have taken my daily posts off the internet, and onto my desktop, due to the nature of it’s content.

~ Cancer is Personal ~

How does one deal with lies and deceit?  That’s big. How does one find resolution with friends that do not support you, in your daily endeavors?  How do you deal with simple rejections. ~ Just ignore it my old Aunt Esther would say.

And that is the underlying truth.

“Out of nowhere” ~  I Get out the old laptop and scrub myself clean.

Bend over and throw up all over the page.

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