ORIGIN early 17th cent.: modern Latin, from musculus latissimus dorsi, literally ‘broadest muscle of the back.’

I like this photo. Not because the waves is huge and surfer is in the “money shot”, but because of his muscles. I admire how his lats are stressed and defined. Surfers have great bodies.

I’m back south, shooting my pics, and figuring out my camera. I’m stepping off the Automatic mode, no matter what. It’s the only way I’m going to learn. I should say, learn more. Photography is an endless thread of education. Whether it’s my camera, computer, or the environment, I add to my information, daily.

I’ve always enjoyed being a student.

I find myself, on many different beaches, searching for that perfect lateral angle. I try to get the surfer moving towards me. But that’s not always possible. And I seek out high planes, to get above the inside break.

In this southern latitude, that I roam, there is no lack of waves. It might go slack for a few days, but there’s always a swell, on the way. It’s the opposite of what I experience in Florida. When I was home, I surfed two days out of three months.

It’s not good for my psyche. I need to surf and to have my surf photography.

I’ve created two galleries on my www.secondhandsurfer.smugmug. The color is off. But on the other hand, they’re great! I edit every photo and only show ones that I think are worthy of my current portfolio. Sometimes it’s not for me, but for the surfer that I choose. Everyone likes pics of them on an ~ overhead high ~ bomb. And as they are watermarked, they are PROOF.

So, whether it’s the dorsi, the angle or the geographical position that moves me, I’m in it for life.

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