OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe suffered a loss today at avellanas. many hands went to work to keep Randy with us but God had a different plan. we live and learn. we pray for his wife to find comfort.

Today is Sunday. In a few hours, I will congregate with friends, on the second floor of the Tiki, and hear about the Word. I will have a panoramic view of the ocean. Mother, Mother Ocean. I will have one ear tuned and one eye glued ~ to the swell.

Last Friday, my husband and I became part of a rescue. Randy, was a great surfer, a life long New England fisherman and a friend of the ocean. But it all turned on him and in ~ what seemed ~ a very long ~ instant. He was gone. Continue reading Unbroken



ORIGIN early 17th cent.: modern Latin, from musculus latissimus dorsi, literally ‘broadest muscle of the back.’

I like this photo. Not because the waves is huge and surfer is in the “money shot”, but because of his muscles. I admire how his lats are stressed and defined. Surfers have great bodies. Continue reading Lats

Holy Higher Power


Did I hear you use the Lord’s name in vain? You son of a sheep dog.

Don’t you know, there are Sisters of the Square Chairs present.

Their newly Virginized ears are scorched, by your heathen language.

Yes, we were once dregs and sluts, but now we are of the non-denominational, New Order of the – No, Alcohol was not our Problem, Joy Club. Continue reading Holy Higher Power