Three Funerals and a Wedding

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

I’ve been here, on the island, way longer than I expected. We flew home, when we found out, that my father-in-law, had problems and we were needed. He didn’t live long after our arrival. It was sad, but he was eighty-two. Unlike Einstein’s suggestion above, he had sat in a chair for years. He was a baseball fan and he watched a lot of it. I can’t imagine that existence. But, he lived the life that he chose, as we all do.

Right before our northern arrival, my good friend Jimmy died. I still see him, everywhere and he’s not there. But he is. He always will be, with me.

I lost another friend about a month ago. He was my crazy “associate” (ok, I’ll call him friend), Donny. He died alone, in squalor.

I’ve been ready to go home. I have so much more to do, down south, than here. My photography and surfing is far more consistent in Costa Rica. But I had been invited to a wedding and I wanted to go.

It was a memorable event. I didn’t cry at the ceremony; others did. However, later I shed a tear, watching videos that I had taken.

At the reception, I was with my family and had numerous recollections of times gone by. I remembered other weddings, and my great-aunts and uncles, along with other absent, family members.

Life goes on. Even when we die, life goes on.

I have a great-grandson on the way, and I have that to look forward to, when I return in the spring.

I will keep on moving.

With a commitment to family, and love in my heart for them and my friends, I will hold my arms out like I’m walking a tight rope.

I will embrace those, that embrace me.

And we can hold each other up and dance.



Ok-we all know that’s an illusion.

But being the Pollyanna that I am ~

I will always-Have Hope-in the motion.

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