The Instance of


The 19th century was also the beginning of modern science, with the work of Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, Michael Faraday, Henri Becquerel, and Marie Curie, and inventors such as Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. The world was changing rapidly, too rapidly for many, who feared the changes taking place and longed for a simpler time. The Romantic movement exemplified these feelings. Romantics tended to believe in imagination over reason, the “organic” over the mechanical, and a longing for a simpler, more pastoral times. Poets like William Wordsworth and William Blake believed that the technological changes that were taking place as a part of the industrial revolution were polluting their cherished view of nature as being perfect and pure.[9] – from the history – of technophobia – Wikipedia

I would not call my apprehension, imagination over reason. We don’t have to turn back too many pages, to see the rapid acceleration of technology.

It’s out of my control.

I approach things more slowly than most. And not because I am old and unable.

The roots of my desire lie in concern for my own well-being. I have always been a person who prefers nature and a slow pace. I don’t care to be in the herd.

Competition and comparison is the path to unhappiness.

Pastoral times are a state of being.

So, I move forward, protecting my peace and serenity.

They are priceless.

However, as we “Sleep Thru the Static”, surely we know, “We’ve gone beyond where we should have gone.”

~just saying~

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