Man vs. Nature

I have been hesitant to write this post.

However, my thoughts concerning this issue has been alight, in my head, long enough.

There has been no anger involved, no brickbats, hostility or antagonism. It’s been a process of thinking, and reflection. I’ve experienced a twinge of sadness, that I have learned to soothe, knowing it will all make me money, in the long run. I rationalize like that.

That’s part of how I have come to deal with progress. The encroachment of man on nature. It’s inevitable.

However, the part of this scenario that continually gets my goat, is how people feign concern for the environment, through useless laws. The ceaseless posturing of politicians, to save the turtles.

Mother nature will save the turtles.

Because one day, she will have had enough.

Just saying…….

This is what I walked up on the other morning when heading to the ocean for a photo shoot.IMG_6593




This is an excavation of sand dunes, in front of the popular, beach restaurant, Sliders.

Now mind you, it is illegal to even cut a sea oat. Our dunes, are the first line of defense against hurricanes.

But Sliders has, according to them, acquired permission from the state, to destroy these dunes, so as, to accommodate 150 extra guests.

And they have deemed their project ~ Dune Restoration.

Oh well –

Since 1974, upon the arrival of the Amelia Island Plantation, I have seen an incredible destruction/evolution of this island.

In years past, I use to pretend I had blinders on and couldn’t see. I’ve been here for fifty years, but don’t ask me for directions. I have no idea where anything is!

I really don’t know why it bothers me so deep in my soul.

I have begun to feel like a character, in a Carl Hiaasen novel. This mental logistics has become my coping mechanism. Carl Hiassen makes me laugh. His stories are honest and insightful. You can’t out do the truth.

He was a journalist, for the Miami Herald, and he saw it ALL. South Florida was hit by the influx of development years ago.

I often feel, as if, I know the crazy kooks, that he writes about. I’ve lived in Florida, all of my life; so, of course, I do.

My favorite Hiaasen character is a woman  who has grown old, living in Coconut Grove. Every night she swims naked with a manatee named Booger. I can’t say more. You will have to read the story, Naked Came the Manatee.

Carl Hiaasen writes satirical humor. It helps me to shift my perspective. To one where I can just laugh it off.

I hope to live a long life, like Booger’s aquatic friend. But if I do, it will mean experiencing MORE change. I will witness more punishment and more impunity.

It’s progress.

And what bothers me most of all, about this most recent onslaught of destruction, is the thought, lurking in the back of my mind, that Slider’s will read this and not let me in to enjoy their crab cake salad, one of my favorites.

Now that would be truly tragic.

A humble person will not display an impatient attitude toward God or man.( J.M.)

After all what could I say that has not been said before?

You can’t fight city hall?

*J.M=Joyce Meyers

4 thoughts on “Man vs. Nature”

  1. I hope they don’t blackball you from the crab cake salad. Wonder how much that permit was? Sounds like a few City Hall members may be regular Slider’s patrons. Irrigation system and pretty green grass coming soon. Praying for multi October nor’easters to add a lil sandy texture to the landscaping. Good Post Cheri R


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