Shifting Sand

21314817_10213838344654386_7905994665342822292_nThe islanders are preparing, in their individual fashions, for the imminent threat of Hurricane Irma.

I have been avoiding the media.

I have gathered camp type food and equipment. I need to make sure I have a deck of cards.

The authorities will surely call for an evacuation.

Having lived in  Florida all of my life, I find each hurricane experience to be different.

I delight in the writings of Carl Haissen, having read almost everything he’s every written. A one time journalist for the Miami Herald, he really has a bead on Florida existence.

Hiaasen’s openings hit you like the first blast of hot, sticky air on a Florida morning. They knock you sideways, and it can take a while to get your bearings. Pretty soon, though, you start to realize that the heat, and the craziness it induces, just ­aren’t going to let up, so you might as well go with it.

Like the ocean floor is constant shifting sand, so are these hours preceding the storm.

so you might as well go with it




Man vs. Nature

I have been hesitant to write this post.

However, my thoughts concerning this issue has been alight, in my head, long enough.

There has been no anger involved, no brickbats, hostility or antagonism. It’s been a process of thinking, and reflection. I’ve experienced a twinge of sadness, that I have learned to soothe, knowing it will all make me money, in the long run. I rationalize like that.

That’s part of how I have come to deal with progress. The encroachment of man on nature. It’s inevitable.

However, the part of this scenario that continually gets my goat, is how people feign concern for the environment, through useless laws. The ceaseless posturing of politicians, to save the turtles.

Mother nature will save the turtles.

Because one day, she will have had enough. Continue reading Man vs. Nature