Ice Cream Sundayz

This is Rob Ruy, owner of the Pipeline Surfshop, here in Fernandina Beach, on Amelia Island, FL.

He puts a lot of energy into helping the local kids shine in both sports; surfing and skating.
The island is going to have some skating going on! Every Sunday in November, there’s a competition, called ICE CREAM SUNDAYZ. The skate park here is a haven for a lot of young, serious athletes. Shooting this sport is very different. But it’s exciting and fun, so I’ll be there.

Not all surfers are skaters, and visa versa, but I do see some dual participants.

Marco Pacheco, the Costa Rican guide in the Endless Summer, recently said~surfing is to skating like football is to baseball~I believe that to be an accurate appraisal.

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