With patience………………

With patience you possess your soul. Luke 21:19

I became aware of this scripture, in the Kings James Bible, with the help of a friend. I think of it often, because it rings true for me.  They are important words to me.

I was taught the concepts of “acceptance” and “cease fighting everyone and everything”, and these ideals have helped to remold my life.

There’s another saying that was a guiding force for years, “patience and perseverance” is the key to all success.

But they all seem to pale in comparison, to the promise, of possession of your soul, through the practice of patience.

Every day is fraught with opportunities to practice patience. Today  was a good one.

On our way to Playa Avellanas the surf sled broke down, on the side of the road. We were there for three hours. Fortunately, one of us is a good mechanic. We all new the swell was here, and we really wanted to get into the waves. But we stuck together and helped in the repair~~~Did your mother ever tell you, that you could really help,  by being quiet~~~~~~~

Our plight was made easier, by breaking down, right in front of a coffee shop.

This picture of my friends, brought to mind, images from my childhood. I would go with my mother to the closest, grocery store. We lived, “out”, and had to drive miles, for any conveniences. I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I would guess nine or ten. There would often be kids sitting on the curb. I took these children to be street urchins, and I wanted to be one! In my mind, they portrayed freedom and independence, and that’s what I wanted.

There’s another saying,” be careful of what you wish for”.

After the car was repaired, which seemed sort of miraculous, by Costa Rican standards, my friends and I parted ways; not much worn for the wear. They went on to surf and I decided to start again tomorrow. I can wait.

That’s one of the great things about living in CR. The waves keep rolling in. I’m all about the saying, never leave good surf. However, today I never got there to leave it. So all is well.

The New American Standard Bible translates Luke 21: 19 into, ‘By your endurance, you will gain your life”.

That’s just not the same.

I wish Tom Sawyer were here and I could get his opinion.

What do you think?

Where is Grandma?

 Grandmas Gone Surfing

Grandma’s Gone Surfing. What a great title for a blog!

The GGS Blog, was my initial inspiration. There are five years of posts, written by a woman, who was not a grandma, but a mother, who had started surfing at the age of forty three. She was a good writer, with the heart and soul, of a surfer. Her writing style was intriguing. You always wanted to know what happened next. Continue reading Where is Grandma?

Saddling up surf sleds.

There was the 1976 Land Rover that I just had to have. It stayed broke down. At one point, I became convinced that the devil lived in the dashboard. Then there was the Yamaha dirt bike that had a rack on the side for our boards. That was tricky, because we both ride longboards. It was confiscated by the transit police, never to be seen by us again. That was followed by our beloved 1989 Toyota that we drove here from Florida. We made it last as long as we could, but it was doomed, by the “aduana”. He’s the immigration man that robbed our tax money. I’m not going to say I paid any bribes to drive that truck, but I drove it around for a few years until the police told us, “one more time, I see you in this truck and we have to take it!”. It went out to a more remote area and was eventually wrecked.

Buy and maintaining a vehicle is one of the most challenging aspects of surviving Costa Rica.

A long time ago, I began to equate vehicle to horses.

This is a mule. This is a darn good horse.

At this here hitching post, we keep em til they’re ready for the glue factory, or the law gets em, or they meet someother unforseen disaster.

We have to save our money for gas to get to the break.

By the way, I did get to surf today with one of my good friends. His car is, for real, called a Galloper.

Friends and cars in Costa Rica, both are worth their weight in gold.

Happy trails and we will be truding the road to our happy destiny, one car and one wave at a time.