Zero Chit-Chat Skills

I’ve stayed away from my blog, for a few days, because I’m all filled up with family. Have you ever been all filled up with family?

I’m full of Mama and Daddy, my oldest sister, my brother, my daughter and my oldest granddaughter is in there, and I never forget my grandmother. I feel like my grandmother’s life is my birthmark. She committed suicide, the year I was born. She was a war bride from Paris. The poor woman was lied to and brought from Paris to the backwoods of North Florida. Can you imagine?

My family is complicated, confusing and something, best not to think about.

This is why I stayed away; it’s all too dark and depressing. It’s crazy making.

I cannot say what I want to say.


I want to rescue

I have a fear of people

I have no chit-chat skills

I love too much

I sometimes have zero barriers from the world ~ then I want to keep the world at bay.

Life becomes a swing

I can’t make chit-chat

5 thoughts on “Zero Chit-Chat Skills”

  1. Sometimes i feel like my life still is full of promise and that i have so many things yet to do. Other times i feel pretty much done with everything and would be alright just finishing up. Usually on the latter days i will speak to one of my kids & realize that although i may be done i don’t think they are done with me and that is enough.


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