I am an early, morning riser. At 4 A.M. I sat up and opened my mind to thoughts of cars. Cars that would be parked, in front of the beautiful oaks, that create an outdoor chapel, for my friends to be married in.

I am going to be the photographer.

The photo above is from, one of the best planned weddings, that I ever had the opportunity to shoot.

Often, at weddings, I think, “what were they thinking?” So many seemingly small, however, important details are overlooked. It’s as if the planner, either didn’t care or didn’t know better.

Or is it my obsessive, compulsiveness; wanting every detail, to be perfect.

That one time event, is repeatedly controlled and yet chaotic.

To have everything appear relaxed and easy, requires thought and effort. Experience goes a long way, as well.

I like things perfect.


That being said, I am waiting for three hours to pass, so I can attend my WOD, at Crossfit.

I have made plans to train! That’s exciting.

As I look across my living room floor, my colorful painting sits, waiting for my attention.

And today is yard work day.

The Shrimp Festival has started here. We expect a hundred thousand people each day; Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That requires 365 days a year, of strategic, decision making.  I know. I experienced my portion, in days gone by. Now I just wander the crowd filled streets, with my iPhone, visiting. I see folks, I haven’t seen in years.

My world is a spinning top right now. The large tin hollow kind, (long gone, from the 60’s) that has bright colored stripes and hums.

It’s all going to be gone long gone, eventually.

A warble is inevitable.

My sweet potato pie is going in the oven!

OK! Get er’ done.



2 thoughts on “OK!”

  1. You possess the skill for attention to the details.
    Your ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing challenges.
    Please enjoy a pleasant “Shrimp Festival” weekend. Thank you.
    ~ Peace, Love & Harmony

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