Live Your Dream

This surfer is Rubiana Brownell. I have had these images on my desk top for a few weeks. They are not the showiest pics, but they do demonstrate her surfing skills, and are indicative of her life skills. Those that a person would want to have, if they want to live their dream.

These photos were taken at a small contest at Playa Avellanas. At times the wave would line up, and that’s what you want. But sometimes a wave would come through and because of the rocks and shifting sands, the peak would form and then cut a dodging path, building and receding all the way to the beach, which was lined with boulders.

In the first pic, it looks like she’s going to fall, but she quickly re-adjusts herself and creates new momentum. She judges her moves carefully and makes the most of it.

She won second place over all, surfing against the guys. Not bad.

She has more competitive plans.

Rubi’s surfing is a great example of creating a successful life. She has an intent and she focuses.

Our lives are full of infinite possibilities.

If it lines up, blast off ~ if it doesn’t, work it.



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