Surf and Stealth

IMG_6131First, let me define surf:  verb [ no obj. ] ride on the crest of a wave, typically toward the shore while riding on a surfboard: 

Now, stealth: noun – cautious and surreptitious action or movement: the silence and stealth of a hungry cat | why did you slip away by stealth like this?

The surfer above is obviously accomplished. The spot that he is surfing, is shallow and the wave has some punch. With a wrong move there could be trouble.

I don’t surf there.

I move to spots where the wave is more mellow. More do-able for me.

When this shot was taken there were four guys on this particular break. Four or five blocks down was the second crowd, riding less threatening waves.

And that trend carries on down, to the waves where there are women and children. And I realize I paint that with a broad brush, knowing there are women and groms out riding challenging surf.

The point I am making is, when I am surfing, knowing I am not hungry and cat like, for, or on waves ~ and I’m on some break, where it gets over-run by people, that want to dominate and beat their chest. While I try to surf, I picture the waves I think I would want to surf on, if I was a guy – I dang sure wouldn’t want to be trying to dominate the bottom level surf area….that would just be too sad..

And in the meantime, while the waves are rolling in I ponder my strategy…

To another kiddy pool…

I want to keep my smile as I catch my waves. That is a priority……

Surf and stealth until I die! There’s no other way for me.


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