Page One

Thinking, thinking, thinking, spilling my brain. Communication is super slack. Showing up for a group picture. Everyone else is wearing black and I have on a brightly colored flower shirt. Not again. What? Why is it always like this? Like what?

Why don’t I do something with this blog? Can’t I stop and fix that heading? Those letters aren’t right. Who cares? Is that my biggest problem? And what about that “cloud” over there? How do I change that? And I really should re-do the image. But you know I’m not about image.

I’m starting over. 100 percent over. OK OK.

I’m going to sit.

Ten minutes.

Here Goes.

Oh and I’m going to make this sticky just to see what the heck that is.

OK Wait a minute, before I get started, does this mean that I can’t write any more of my stories. Do I have to forget all of that stuff in my head….The things I’ve meant to share…The good stories…The bad stories…


So I’m really going to sit now..

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