Turn the Page


Patience and perseverance is the key to all success. 

I am once again wanting to turn the page, on my life.

I am reluctant to write, because what’s on my mind seems negative and contrary to the desires of most people who I come in contact with. Almost, everyone. From time to time, I run into kindred souls here.

Last night, I went fishing, and listened to drone of a barge that was spewing black smoke and drowning the peace and serenity, of the sunset. Such is the island. They, the prevailing powers, want to pump sand out of the river and on to the south bank. It’s such a waste of money.

It’s been proven that beaches can be re-nourished, by utilizing artificial reefs. Years ago, before leaving the country, my husband appealed to his Congressman, he talked to anyone that would listen, about artificial reefs. He had pictures of the successful restoration of the beaches on the Great Lakes. There have been many deteriorating coastlines saved, in the last thirty years. There is now a company called Reef Beach that contracts this work.

But hey, why do something that works.

I’m at odds with many people about health. (At my age, it seems to be the topic of conversation a lot.) I ask myself, why do these people eat all of these processed foods, and go to the doctor and get pharmaceuticals for symptoms that are related to lack of exercise and poor nutrition. Fast food restaurants have to be the worst. Do doctors concern themselves with this? I don’t think so.


And driving too fast, where the hell is everyone flying to, anyway.

I’m not in so much of a hurry that I would risk my life, or someone else’s to get there.

What’s the point!

From today forward, I turn the page.

Once again.

I practice service to others~this is the path to happiness.

Patience and perseverance is the key to all success.

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