Home Sweet Home

On one hand, it’s good to tell the truth. But on the other, it’s just not. The truth often seems so negative. A real buzz kill ~ bad energy.

Who would ever move to Amelia Island, if they first considered the paper mills, the bad smell, the ugly billowing grey chemicals, being forced on the sky. The nebulizer of febreeze spraying it’s acid aerosol. But we don’t know it. We’re unaware. It’s best to not think about it.

And what about our muddy waters. Sales and marketing experts, tell the tale of runoff, from the river and the marshes. It seems to me that if that were true, the water would have been muddy when I was a kid. But it wasn’t. It was blue and clear. You could see your feet under the water.

Would people really sell everything they have and move to Costa Rica, if they knew the possibilities that lay ahead. There is the constant threat of burglaries, in the street and in your home. Drugs are rampant. Prostitution is legal and many older men fall in love with twenty year olds and actually believe it an equal and undying, smoldering affair. (I’m not going to tell them any different) Just about everyone is robbed in construction deals. They are always shocked. I, personally, have been taken by CLOSE FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS. Not for much, but enough to feel the sting. Not only of losing money, but to feel the pain of knowing, that people I thought I could do business with, were just lecherously, seeking to steal. Oh, and let’s not forget dengue, called break bone fever, with good reason, not to mention, stomach parasites and bott flies.

All of the choices that we make in our life, becomes our life. How are we to protect ourselves from what lurks?

We really can’t.

Is there a devil behind every bush?……….Yes, there is.

See what I mean! That truth doesn’t sound so good.

So, today I am going to put on my rose colored glasses and say, I’m living in Paradise! Ain’t it Grand to be Alive. I’m so Happy.

When the lady at the Flash Food Store asks me how I’m doing today, I’m going to tell her that I’m doing FANTASTIC, because I know if I say I’m doing good, she’s going to say, “Only Good”.

This is the Game of Life, of which, I would be a loser.

I’m not out for fame and fortune ~ so that just leaves me with my body and my breath.

Home Sweet Home


4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. When was the water ever clear here on a consistent basis? You talk to 90 year old local fisherman who say it’s has always gone through it’s South Georgia murky phases. Depending on wind direction and rain fall.


  2. Thank you Chef Maynard for your comment. I was recalling the summers of 66, 67, 68. I was referring to the days that past one after another when the water was clear and beautiful. Of course, it is affected by the wind and storms. The water turns an unclear grey. I’m not saying that we had bahama like waters, we just DID NOT have the poop color that we have today. The poop color is relatively new. I’m not ninety, just sixty and I’ve spent my life on the beach here, when I’m not traveling the world. Gotta love it.


  3. Do you remember the Rayonier factory pipeline in between what is now Jasmine St. and the 1735 house that was in full effect in the late 60’s? What an unbelievable warm water effluent fishing spot it was! The foam was thick as heck but that’s where I learned the double jig trout technique from Pikula. The water was 10’xs more toxic then but it did seem a lot clearer. EPA is alot stricter now though so maybe it’s the good memories we remember.


    1. Oh yeah-I loved that foam on the beach. I ran into Tommy B., in Winn-Dixie and got a lot of info about
      the color of the water. It’s all pretty interesting.
      He remembered the clear water, day in and day out, in the summer time.
      Yeah-lots of good memories….
      And I’m still making em’.


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