Philip Seymour’s Trip To The Moon


A Trip To The Moon

Take Me Away

I read an article by a woman named Debbie Bayer. It’s funny that’s her name ~ take two, and call me in the morning….

After many years in corporate Sales and Marketing, Debbie worked for 9 years as a psychotherapist in facilities treating addiction, mood disorders and eating disorders. She has over 25 years experience working with 12 step communities.

Sales and Marketing………..hmm I’m sure her blog post is a big hit with the pharmaceutical Industry….

I prefer to “keep it simple”.

Drugs are Do Do

* And I, like Debbie Bayer, have some experience ~ there might have been some Sales but, there sure wasn’t any Marketing.

* The lines under my photo are from a Lynard Skynard song.

A Sprinkle of Psychology

Child Psychology Works on Me

From the first time that I heard that drugs were dangerous, I wanted them. I had a teacher, one of the Dominican nuns at the parochial school that I attended, kindergarten to eighth grade; she told us about having taught night school in NYC. She had students, who would sit in the back row and not remove their sun glasses. I was so impressed, I knew that was cool.

I wondered, “what do they do”? I romanticized these people’s lives. They’re in NYC, wearing sunglasses, inside a building, at night. I knew their existences had to be exotic. Continue reading A Sprinkle of Psychology