Blogging as Art

Part of being a blogger is reading other people’s blogs. It reminds me of when I did art shows. I attended other artist‘s openings. Who would want to be an artist, that only went to their own show?

I always knew that I was an artist…..long before I knew how to draw or paint.

It’s something inherent in me.

People are provoked by art and creativity, but they also seem to shy away from it. It’s portrayed as being frivolous, yet we’re surrounded by it on every level of our lives. That’s ironic.

I am reminded of the movie Castaway.

Cover of "Cast Away (Widescreen Edition)&...

I love to use this as an example of the importance of art in our lives. Tom Hanks, playing the part of a Fed Ex type, upper manager, is in a company plane crash and stranded on a deserted island. Up until that moment in his life, everything hinged on speed. Continue reading Blogging as Art

A Sprinkle of Psychology

Child Psychology Works on Me

From the first time that I heard that drugs were dangerous, I wanted them. I had a teacher, one of the Dominican nuns at the parochial school that I attended, kindergarten to eighth grade; she told us about having taught night school in NYC. She had students, who would sit in the back row and not remove their sun glasses. I was so impressed, I knew that was cool.

I wondered, “what do they do”? I romanticized these people’s lives. They’re in NYC, wearing sunglasses, inside a building, at night. I knew their existences had to be exotic. Continue reading A Sprinkle of Psychology

Fish Head

Can you guess which one is the REAL Fish Head?

Two days ago, I caught this fish. It’s a red bass. My first, big, red bass. The fish latched aholt (I think this is a Southern term.) of the hook and swallowed it so hard, it would have been difficult to loose. But I didn’t know that, at the time. I reeled that fish as it swam hard, towards the rocks. It did everything to get away. That fish and I became one. The tide would pull it in and I would have to reel fast. The the tide would pull back and I could barely hang on. I was not going to let any slack in that line. I had to be strong to bring that fish on to the bank. I felt bad as it was drawing its last breath. It was so colorful; red and gold. It faded as the seconds went by and the sun set behind us.

Thirty years ago the Real Fish Head took me fishing. He latched aholt of me and like that fish I had no idea how set that hook was.

Personal Favorites – 4

This photo starts a series, of a move, called a helicopter. Notice the fins are out front.
Balancing and moving to the back of the board, which is really the front of the board.He’s turned the board and heading down the wave.Picking up speed.To be able to surf like this~

On the move, with a three-second warning in the contest.Two seconds.
This is the last second of the contest. The horn blew and it was all over.

4 Gage


I surfed this morning at the Fernandina Beach Pier. I had all I could take. I came home threw my camera in the car and headed to the North end of the beach. I stumbled on to an East Coast Surfing contest. I had a good time taking photos.

When this grom took off I knew it was going to be good. Good wave Gage.

I will be busy editing and I will post my other photos soon.

Jetty Bettys

I have been waiting on waves in Florida, for a long time. We finally are getting some hurricane force offshore. I took these photos AFTER the GOOD surf session. Sorry about any blurs. The camera wants to focus on waves in front of the surfers. It’s just another challenge. Something new to learn.

Nothing like some SALT WATER THERAPY!