NOT a Leapord


I am NOT a leopard..

I use to be told by my mother, “A leopard cannot change its spots.” It always left me feeling, that I was going to be stuck-with all of my bad habits and bad attitude. It would squelch my attempts to change. Then, one day, some congenial person informed me, that I was not a leopard. ~What can I say, I need all the help that I can get!


I came to Starbucks today to establish an internet connection. I had in mind to write about gratitude. The reason being, I am inundated with stuff. I had to get the tumbler, in my ignition, replaced. It took two days and a rental car. I have had to work on getting a permit, for a building on my property. I’ve never like bureaucracy, however, through this process, I actually have made some friends. Good things happen when you least expect it.

Having said that, I want to share with you, that right when I was getting out of my car, I received a text. My granddaughter has graduated. She didn’t graduate with her class, because she had to do summer school. She’s always had to do summer school. I’ve been suspicious that she does this, because she likes to be at school.

My gratitude morphed into happiness.

I come from a long line of drop-outs. My mother was a succesful, business woman. However, she only went to the ninth grade. I don’t know what I was thinking when I quit. So, I certainly don’t know what my daughter was thinking of when she quit.

Today, I’m a believer in education.

And today I am so happy.

My granddaughter graduated from a real High School.

I heard it once said, “you can go to school for the rest of your life, but graduating from high school is a one time thing.”



In my last post, I stated that I was seeking serenity. Peace of mind, is high on my list of priorities. So, I packed my ditty bag and headed to downtown, Jacksonville.

That might not sound like a destination, for a spiritual retreat, but for me, it was. I wanted away from the currents of confusion.  I found a place off Main Street.

I rented this room for a very reasonable price. It was not a hostel, but very similar. Like I said before, I’m a shoe-string traveller.

I went for walks. I found a great book store and coffee shop. I did a lot of people watching.

I walked by the tracks and had train songs singing in my head.

I saw this billboard and thought to myself, “Do people really think that is real fruit?”

Then I saw this piece of paper at my feet.

I bent over and read it. I thought to myself, “That’s cool.” I kept on walking. Then I was stopped in my tracks. I wear a diamond ring that I found, just like I found those words on that tattered piece of paper. I went back, picked it up and put it in my pocket. I am still carrying it. I’ve worn my diamond for twenty-eight years. I’ll have to see how long I carry the paper. I know which one is more valuable.

Being raised in the Bible belt, I use to resent people asking me if I was saved. No matter what I said, I couldn’t convince them. I know today, I don’t have to convince anyone and I certainly don’t have to defend myself to God.

I’m back to work now with a new perspective. It’s always nice to take some time out. What a beautiful world we live in~hostel or hostile~it’s a choice.

Those few days in the city, offered the perfect spiritual retreat. 

I think God knows what he’s doing~ I can’t, he can, I think I’ll let him!