Dreams and Deeds

It’s 4:30. I hear the rain outside. I take a deep breath.

The moment is refreshing.

The tin roof, of my small, house in the hood, accentuates the sound of the drops. The wind will gust, from time to time. I don’t have to be outside to see it. The trees, in this area, are majestic and what brought me here, to my home in the hood. I don’t know their names, but I know them, personally; their colors, their barks, their moss. Continue reading Dreams and Deeds

A New Dream

10506903_606963249417221_7116768009090220566_oHere I am, waking up in this foreign land. Three weeks ago, I was settled in my casita; making my life, building new and mending what has been tattered and torn.

A phone call changed everything. A fall changed everything. My eighty-two year old father-in-law, sounded weak. We knew we had to go home. Home, to our other home. The tickets, the TSA, the missed beats in my rhythm. The changing of tunes.

He’s no longer with us now.

One day that will be me. None of us get out of life alive.

We wake up in one dream, we sleep, and we wake in another.

Over and over and over and over and over ~

Distant Paradise

IMG_1205This was my first painting. Actually, it’s what is termed mixed media. It is painting and drawing, some on the surface and some on cut paper. The class was Design 1. The teacher was Derby Ulloah. The school was Florida Junior College at Jacksonville, in Florida. The assignment was to paint a self-portrait.

Does it look like me?

I went to school as an adult. School was a strange, stressful and fascinating place. I always wanted an education. But instead of going to school, which I deemed impossible; something for other people, not me. Instead, I floundered around in the world, trying to make my way, working all kinds of jobs and never quite getting my feet on the ground.

Once I did start school, I dreamed of it being a means to a new life. I wanted to walk out of my life and into a world of sun, surf, peace and solitude.

And that’s what happened.

It wasn’t so much having the degree, as earning the degree. Such as, showing up and doing what I was supposed to, starting and finishing projects, dealing with beaurocracy and jumping through hoops. I had to meet and deal with new personalities . I had to learn to get along, even when I didn’t want to.

This might sound like every day life for most people, but for me it was a super- challenge.

The exception ~ was ~ I didn’t end up in solitude.

I met people and made friends. I have friends from all over the globe.

Paradise is no longer in the distance.

It’s the ground that I stand on.