World Class

sherwood crossfit

We had visitors today at our Box; two families of athletes from Sherwood, Arkansa. One couple were the owners, of Sherwood Crossfit. They were impressive athletes and I could not help but be inspired.

My talk with Jon, after the class, stirred the caldron, of my two continuous conflicting thoughts, that seem to persist, in my pursuit of excellence. One, keep at it, and I will get stronger. Push, but don’t over do it.  And the second is a nagging, feeling that I can do way more.

I find my peace, (where there is none) somewhere in between.

Crossfit is world class.

I took the words of Greg Glassman from the website page of the Sherwood CrossFit page,

They are the recipe.

Can I get healthier? Yes.

Can I get stronger? Yes.

Can I get younger? No.

Does it matter? No.

Am I world class?  ~



– Food Challenge

I had no idea, I have not written since May 21st. I wrote about our food challenge at the Crossfit box. It was over on Friday. Today is Sunday. I did it with intense discipline. I worked out hard.

We had teamed up, and got points for x-tra activates. We posted shout outs on social media for our Box. We got five extra points, if we beat our initial times, for a workout. I should have not worked so hard on the first one. What was I thinking? I shaved off about a minute and forty seconds. We ran 400 mts. – then did 12 hang cleans – 9 presses and six burpees over the bars jumps, 4x’s for time. OMG. It put me on the floor. Then it made me feel so good.

I lost 1.5 lbs and lost 2% body fat.

I guess I got lost in Crossfit for almost a month.

And that’s OK with me.