Over the Falls


Complete Eschatology

How do I want to end the year? How do I want to start the new?

Look into this wave. See the body? Sucked over the falls … And no one cares.
Except the surfer of course. Does that look like fun? No.
Hey guess what, sometimes life isn’t fun. But there’s no need to run and cry like a baby!

Just paddle back out…

Happy New Year!

First World Christmas


First World Christmas

The days are creeping by. The lights are getting brighter. The drummer boy is marching. Angel is singing on high.
The winds blow the words of Christmas. Technology filters its theme. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Jingle goes the sleigh bells of the south.
Her matriarch long gone.

Daddy’s dead way back when. His bones are naked and cold.
The bird will sing no more. Not that I will hear.
Sister stole the bird to secure her Christmas cheer.
Merry Christmas. Nevermore-Nevermore

Ring the bell for Christmas
Smile – and don’t forget to brush your teeth
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas