Costa Rica!!!

An international tourist destination. The once, lonely planet spot on the map, that people were scared to go to, is now a place that people, will sell everything they own sight unseen and traipse down here. Convinced they have found paradise. The tropics.

I had the smallest snake in my shower with me. I killed it. Then I had a tiny scorpion on the shower curtain. I killed it. This was in the last week.

As I am beginning to write the monkeys have started to howl. I love that.

I have my Red Bull. Red Bull and monkeys make the world go around.

Yesterday, I had the border run from HELL! I have heard other people complain through the years, but we usually do it easily. I just thought we were cooler than everyone else. Or smarter. Or something. They gave us so much grief. They told us our moderna vaccines were no good. We had to really do some maneuvering to solve that problem. They were trying to get us to purchase insurance. F that. Then when we were in front of an immigration officer who refused to give us a ninety day visa. He gave us sixty days. He insists we need residency. I do not want to be a resident here. Sometimes I leave here and I don’t come back for two years.

I am someone who adds a lot to this country. My money, my time, my investment in the family that lives with me. I think he has a bully personality. He don’t like whitey.

So, I will leave in sixty days, because I always comply with the law. I will be forced to take a vacation, from my vacation. Panama! I have always wanted to go to Bocas Del Torro. It will be complicated. But I can do it. I haven’t been on a road trip in years.


This man has no idea how upsetting it would be to the family that lives with me. Their children are in school and we work as a team for them to have a better future.

I have a different outlook on immigration than many people. At home in Florida, you can’t find anyone to work unless they are a brown skinned person. Sorry if this offends you, but it just is. And the stories that I could recant of the “others” white that were on oxys were nerve racking. Every one of them is no longer with us. All overdoses. That’s four beautiful young men, all who I thought the world of, no longer with us.

If you think you are going to come to Costa Rica and it’s going to be easy peasy, think again. Life is awesome here, and it is tough as hell.

The snakes use to be bigger in my house. The scorpions were bigger. One snake fell through my roof over my bed. That’s when I learned the origin of canopy beds. And babies mean Mamas. So I look up at my ceiling from time to time.

I hear they have good waves in Panama.

Pura Vida

I was advised to go there in 2001 – it’s been twenty years in the making

3 thoughts on “Costa Rica!!!”

  1. I have loved Costa Rica since I was little, younger than kindergarten. It is true, we do great harm to the real place with our efforts to make it fit our notion of paradise. To everyone lured here by beauty: keep your eyes open. There is geat wonder. And it is hard as hell.

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