Conscientious Objector

She has done things her way, on her terms. And she has loved people, and given, all along the way. She is one of my personal heroes. If you choose to be a whiner, and claim to be a geniusvictimizing your entire generation, well, good luck with that. She is an ultimate, conscientious objector.

This term is generally associated with opposing violence. A person who seeks peace and refuses to participate, in military service. Some choose to take on other war services, such as being a medic. There are various outlooks; from fleeing the draft, to persevering, through the courts, with the conviction, their perspective, honorable.

We all have a different way of looking at things.

There is We and there is I. I (eye) participate in both, but not because, of the year that I was born in, but because of my life’s lens; my family, my education, my life’s experiences, my Spirit. It is my personal pot of soup; my cauldron.

At many times, skipping or sludging through my light or muddy journey, I have chose to be a conscientious objector. And it does not mean that I “hate” people who “love” electricity, big houses, St. Augustine grass, and their jobs, or careers. Only an idiot would want to rail against….. It just means, that at times, there is something inside of me that says, “Don’t go there. It’s not for you”. And I listen to that voice. And there are other times, I step out on a limb and throw the dice, M F er. Every day is new.

I have changed as I age, as most people do. And the reason, for the transformation is wisdom. My own, personal wisdom. Along, with what is inherent, in my DNA, as a human being. It’s called human growth and development.

I was drawn to the humanities, from my genesis.

We are people. Individuals breathing the air, sharing the air, with others and their machines.

If you identify as a Depression Baby, Boomer, X, ,Y Millenial or the newest generation, and that is your claim to the outcome of you finances, you are misleading yourself. “Back away from the internet.” Because after all, post-cave dwellers and pre-Mediteranian split level, Cave Bears bore totems, and Wild in the Streets, told us all, that if you’re over thirty five, you would be sent to an LSD camp.You’re just spinning your wheels. It’s shadow boxing. Be aware, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Pick up a book. I have learned from Pearl Buck, The Good Earth, Tony Morrison, The Bluest Eye. I have read all of her novels, chock full of truth, with insight into human nature; stories that have brought tears to my eyes. Tom Robbins and David Sedaris, contrary style writers who made me laugh out loud. Future Shock – Brave New World – Satanic Verses (there’s still a price on Rushdie’s head, for that one) -Michner Novels – Hawaii and The Source. If in Florida, A Land Remembered – And the Swamp. The Bible, The Quoran, The Gnostic Bible, The Torah, Kim Fredrick’s – Peeling Potatoes. Clan of the Cave Bears, Steven King, Kahlil Gibran – Mein Kampf – Kafka – Que Magazine….. and I don’t want to forget Carl Haissen.

And if you lean more towards the financial type, you might consider paper and pencil.

By the way, have you seen the taxi drones, They are Awesome!

*I’ve got to be at Crossfit in minutes – because I want to fall and be able to get back up.

If you can’t use your brain, you might as well have two assholes. That quote came from someone, who actually made a difference in this world. — If you sit on the pot the only thing you’re going to get is a ring around your ass.

I feel better now.

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