Rise Up

The silence is deafening. So much so, that I hear the mill droning on. It’s creating the low lying pollution, blanketing our island. Someone is taking advantage of this situation. The non-happening, of everyone staying inside. Of course, not all. There will always be dare devils.

The image above is of a Phoenix. I plan to have this tattooed on my back/shoulder. I have an appointment, on my birthday. That is if the parlor is open.

I have risen from the ashes.

And one day, I will fly away.

from Peanut Butter Falcon: Zak asks Taylor ~ “Am I going to die. ~ Taylor replies, “Yes, but you don’t know when.”

from A Time to Die ~ The man said, “I didn’t ask to be here, but I am. And I don’t get to ask when to go, but I will.”

People are scared of dying from the virus, but not from drugs, alcohol, poor nutrition, and living on an island, polluted by two paper mills.

They will drink and drive drunk. They will smoke cigarettes at eight dollars a pack. They will eat at McDonald’s. And they will look at a shit brown, streaked horizon, over shit brown water and say, “Isn’t this beautiful”.

Some glad mornin’ when this life is over
I’ll fly away
To a home on God’s celestial shore
I’ll fly away

Q. And in the “mean time”? A. Rise up!

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