Crossfit Takeover

30261330_10215640853195973_8909771349015134208_nCrossfit has taken over my life. I see no end. How can I? I’m upside down, climbing a wall, backwards.

I tried crossfit, about 2012, and did not like it. I went once and decided it was not for me. Then, about four months ago, I ventured down to the neighborhood box and worked out. Now, I can’t stop.

I am home in Florida and have found a group of people to work with that are elite athletes. Not unlike the ones back in Costa Rica, except for the owner, Erin Carter.erin's statsThese are Erin’s stats from this years open Crossfit event. OMG – I can’t help myself. I am impressed.

She was my work out partner yesterday, and everything inside me was telling me to be intimidated. I had to fight that off. I just worked as hard as I could and watched to learn.

I have Crossfit plans.

first – learn double unders / other than that just keep working hard on keeping up and my form…..

Crossfit gives me a feeling that I CAN DO IT!

And I have never met such supportive people.

I am living in the crossfit fugue, and loving every minute of it.

One thought on “Crossfit Takeover”

  1. Crossfit transforms the body, mind and spirit.
    You project joy and happiness. Thank you.
    ~Peace, Love & Harmony


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