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To maintain a blog was advice, on how to be a professional photographer, from one of those many “how to” cyber sites. I did get some good ideas from my reading. It’s just that, I know, I am not able, to follow the advice. My lifestyle leads itself to the impossible, on one hand, and endless possibilities on the other. My life is a lazy, busy, intricate web of photography, nature, and people. Every day brings about different colors, cultures, animals and moods. The one consistent is, there is no consistence. 

I have maintained this blog for years. From the photos can you tell, what is the subject of my blog? If I had to choose a subject, I guess it would have to be ME, and my relationship with life.

It started out being about  , well, I’m not sure what it started out, being about. I had a lot of time and a desire to learn more about my computer. I felt like I lived an unusual lifestyle. I divide my time between Amelia Island, FL and Playa Potrero, Costa Rica. My husband was sick, and I ended up just sitting a lot. I wanted to do something creative.

I was already Secondhand Surfer. A name I called myself, as I was learning to use my camera, shooting surf photography. I took some atrocious shots. And all the while people were saying, wow, these shots are so good. They sucked! But it was exciting for me, to be behind the camera, and trying to capture those moments of a surfer catching air, or getting covered up. I focused a lot of time on people, that I thought would appreciate good photos of themselves. People that were not the best surfers in the line up.  There are so many people with cameras that have no discernment and believe that you would be impressed by a lame photo of the last inches of a wave; when you’re in six inches of water, and the wave is biting your ankle and you’re ready to step off into the sand. (They could go f-off) And there were the photographers who only shot women, if it was of their ass, and their bathing suit looked like dental floss. That didn’t seem right. So, I wanted to create a change.

Then there was my constant pursuit of health. Which has led me to be a vegan, crossfitter. But in the beginning, I had extra pounds on me, that I just couldn’t shed. I was vigilant in my pursuit of well-being.

Then there was my travel. My surf trips and my border runs to Nicaragua. My mission trips. My unfortunate adventure, with young surfers that never made it to the break.

There is the endless saga of family dysfunction.

And my ongoing relationship with God.

I still have a need to create. And I guess, at the end of the day, that is what my blog is about. Maintaining my blog, is maintaining myself. It helps me to have a good life. It gives me someone to talk to.

And I’m not even going to mention my age.  That’s a gist, of my life, regardless of the fact, that I don’t feel old. I am told that I am old. Those folks can F-off, the same as the bad photographers on  the beach, that should really put more love and effort into their trade.

Love and effort. You can’t out do them.  As well as, service to others.

If I keep these, as the agenda, for my blog, and at the root of my photography, surfing, art, music, travel and over all general story telling, I will not go wrong.

This blog is contingent upon the circumstances of my daily events. And it will be maintained.



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