My Endless Summer


When I arrived in October we had four days of rain. We got here, on the heels of damage, caused by sixty inches of water, in six days. Many had lost their homes.

This was on the wake of Hurricane Irma back home, in Florida. We had just survived that near disaster.

Almost six months have gone by, and it’s time to pack up and leave again.

I dread the shock of the city. Some would laugh at that comment, because to them Amelia Island, never has been and never will qualify as a city. But there is a lot of traffic, bumper to bumper, and everyone is in a hurry to get ahead to the next red light. Here, I have to travel an hour, before I see a traffic light. I’ve been warned I won’t recognize it. That’s a common occurrence in both directions.

The economic boom is on, both here in sleepy Potrero, as well as the, one-time, fishing village, Fernandina Beach.

I am forever having to adjust.

It’s spring on the island, so there should be some fun waves.

I look forward to seeing family and friends.

And I always have work waiting on me.

Yesterday, I bought my Endless Summer poster, that I’ve been wanting to put, on my refrigerator door. I picked it up at the Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, after having caught a few nearby waves, at a spot called Casitas. I can blame all of “this” on Bruce Brown, the film maker who traveled with two surfers around the world, back in the sixties. Like many have said, that movie changed my life!

Who knew I would be living this once true adventure, of seeking far away destinations, with no road signs, tough terrain, no english speaking people, no hotels, no hot water etc. –  which has transformed into pseudo adventure (not for me). I am surrounded by people that pay two thousand dollars a week for someone to push them into the wave, drive them to a volcano, show them a monkey and get them drunk.

I feel the winds of change, not only in the normal March season gusts, but in my life.

I paddled across the crocodile inhabited, river mouth on the way back; something to get my heart pumping.

So, farewell Costa Rica – on to the next destination – from the tropics to the





One thought on “My Endless Summer”

  1. The blessed opportunity of flexibility.
    Living an active daily life.
    Thank you for the beautiful thoughts.
    Please travel with care and arrive stateside safely.
    ~ Peace, Love & Harmony

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