Must Be Nice


To me.

Would you like for this to be your stove. Probably not. Would you want to live in a five hundred square foot house. Probably not. Would you really want to leave your culture behind and learn another language to survive. Probably not. Would you be OK with an occasional snake or scorpion in your house. Probably not. Would you drive a thirty year old car and work to keep it running, on outrageously rough roads. Probably not.

My life is nice. It’s customized. I’ve worked hard to be where I am, in my casita, by the sea. I’ve sacrificed a lot.

The point is ~ enjoy your own life. Be where you want to be. If you don’t like where you are. MOVE! Quit complaining and whining, and acting jealous. Do something.

If you think that my life has been easy, think again, my friend.

I rarely experience envy. Because I like my life and I stay busy creating it.

If folks would put as much energy into having a good life, as they do comparing themselves to others, it would be a different world.

You can have your big house, big car, status job, big boat….

I say,

Surf or Die!

I’m screaming ~ It’s your CHOICE!!!!!!!

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