The Boss’s Prescription

20120425_081829If I were the boss –  people would be inspired to meditate and exercise, and over time, relieve their anxieties and depression. There’s no need to experience these things.

As a matter of fact, doctors are just not necessary, except in emergencies.

All of this probing and exploratory exams are outrageous and an offense on your body.

So, quit eating at fast food places. That food is trash! Exercise daily! Not just walking, but lift some weights for your muscles.

Eat foods that are NOT processed.

I left a piece of bread on top of my refrigerator, and was gone for months. When I returned it was still there. Not one bit of mold or decay.


Do squats! That is how you will keep your colon healthy.

Do not gorge yourself on the table scraps of the medical industry. Side step the insurance fat cats, politicians and lobbyist that grease the pot.

Wake up!

Stay away from doctors….

I’ve gotta get out of here and back to Costa Rica, where things make sense to me.

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