Andrea Diaz

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I pulled into the Playa Avellanas parking lot, the Roxy/Quicksilver van was there. I’ve seen it, off and on, through the years. A lot of camps transport surfers here, to surf the Dead Tree break. I caught some waves and then got out of the water, to get my Olympus TG-2. There were some local kids out and I wanted the practice.

To my surprise, I came face to face, with Andrea Diaz-the Costa Rican, surf champion. In August of 2012, she placed fifth, at the World Masters, held in Colorado/Nicaragua.

I had just seen her in a presentation, via Jorge Mora, board shaper and owner of Sick Surfboards. It’s on U Tube. The video is called Surf for Youth 2013. Andrea and other surfers are giving back to the local community.

Here is a write up by CR surf explaining what they do.

Jorge is actually here, now, in Costa Rica, doing what he can to help out this super-worth while effort.

Andrea is one of the instructors for the Roxy/Quicksilver Surf Camp ~Waves Costa Rica.

I never know who I’m going to run into here.

What an honor-what a good day.

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