Lucky 3X’s



IMG_5645Meet Sean Poynter

Last year, Sept 9th, courtesy of Hurricane Leslie, we had waves here on Amelia. I had surfed earlier in the day and was just cruising the beach. I had my camera in the car, so I headed to a spot I thought might be working. I could hear an announcer over a loud-speaker. There was a contest going on. It was an ESA event, along with what is called the King of the Peak, challenge.

What Seneca, a philosopher, once said, ” Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” I stepped out of my car, and went to work. I have hundreds of pictures from that day.

It was so much fun. I wasn’t aware of who Sean was that day. But I know now.

I’m often gone from the island, living in Costa Rica. I’m in my own little world there, so I’m often unaware of world happenings, and that’s where Sean is at, in SUP. He’s a world contender, traveling the globe, competing; sponsored by StarBoard.

I was on Facebook and saw that Pipeline Surf Shop sponsored a clinic, put on by Sean. I called, thinking this is gonna cost, but I was told it was free. My response to that was, sign me up! I’ve tried to catch waves a few times paddle boarding and I could never get into the wave.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is Sean posing for a pic. I had my Olympus strapped to my arm. I was ready!

How lucky can I get, one on one personal training, from one of the best, in the WORLD.

I told him my intent was to catch a wave. At first, he was apprehensive. People are always like that with me because of my age. I’m like, come on…..So we took off and he coached me into the wave. He gave me insight that I would never figured out on my own. He went to help other participants and I finally caught a small wave, but it tossed me. But now, I feel confident that I will catch and ride a wave on an SUP.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was a plethora of SUP avid riders along with the hopefuls.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was not their first rodeo.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALocal photographer Jim Killion was on hand. Now that’s a camera. He was one of two videographers that produced KING OF THE PEAK, which by the way, was won by Bradey McKenzie.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI asked Sean, if he would paddle out and catch a wave, so I could practice with my Olympus water camera.

What a nice guy.


When the day was done, and we were wrapping it up to go home, this photographer approached me and asked, “Are you missing something?”


My 18mm lens had fallen off my camera when I was out in the water. A person strolling on the beach had found it, and showed it to Sammie. She knew immediately that it was mine.

Now, there was no preparation involved in that, unless you want to count Karma.

What a great day!

Thank you Sean Poynter – thank you Pipeline Surf Shop

*not neccessarily in that order

Oh-I forgot to tell you how Sean became the involved in SUP riding. He told me it was opportunity.

Check out the Sean Poynter web page to view his luck.

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