Troubleshooting Life

IMG_4074bChris Igou – Fernandina Beach, FL

I took this photo yesterday. It was our first summer day. Maybe not on the calendar, but all the elements created sunshine and glassy waves. I could hear Beach Boys’ music playing.

Chris Igou is a stand out surfer, and I have many pics of him, but this particular move was exciting to watch. Being behind the lens and following the surfer is a thrill that I hadn’t expected. I’m very fortunate to be a surf photographer; the local documenter of the Fernandina Beach, surf community.

Secondhand Surfer Blog is my journal and it helps me stay grounded.

I’ve been journaling since 1994(?). When first traveling to Costa Rica, I would keep track of my costs. I can look up what a liter of gas and the price of an egg breakfast was in 1996. I can tell you about people that I met, complimented by pictures.

While attending UNF, earning a B.F.A., I had professors impress upon me that  journaling is a necessary part of an artist’s life. I would write ideas, and cut and paste pictures that I liked. I have  numerous paper journals, and a few, born on the computer. One was titled, Nobody Knows. (those were hard times)

Currently my personal journal is online. In 1994, I could not have foreseen that. I wish I would have been more insightful of computers. I’m grateful that I jumped on board at the end of my formal education.

My most recent life dilemma is, I lost my photo library.

Not good for a photographer.

I went to the apple store and found out I was as smart as the “genius” behind the bar.

At least, as far as troubleshooting my particular problem was concerned.

I recently read a post by one cool site, titled Personal Blogs Tell Your Story.  Her blog provides tips for better blogging. I’m always up for learning.

She suggested personal bloggers to-be a friend, be a poet, be a guide, be a mentor, be serious, etc.

It was a lengthy list of to be’s.

On my best day all I can do is be myself. I think that falls under her category of

be authentic.

If you want to be somebody, be yourself!

So, I’ll just keep writing my surf-photography-journal.

It helps me to keep life between the ditches, I mean waves.

And there are more today!

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One thought on “Troubleshooting Life”

  1. Thanks so much for the recognition. I see my post has got your thinking and taking a strong position on how you will approach personal blogging. Each blogger is a unique individual and how they approach their subject matter is up to them. Some bloggers will be more personal than others. You are definitely on the right track ie. be yourself. It’s up to each of us develop our own writer’s voice and writing style and if we are wise then we do as Shakespeare said and to our own self be true. Without doubt, it’s authenticity that draws readers to the blog and brings them back. Best wishes with your blog.


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