OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwo hundred-fifty is not my weight, it’s not my house number and it’s not my area code. It’s the number of posts that I have published, since I started this venture, or should I say, adventure?

I can remember my first. I wrote that it felt as if I was throwing a bottle into the ocean, wondering what shore it would end up on. Who would read it? Or would anyone?

Since it’s inception, Secondhand Surfer Blog has splintered into the blog and a facebook page by the same name, posting daily photos of local surfers in Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA. Or surfers, on the breaks near my home in Costa Rica.

So much has transpired. I feel that Secondhand Surfer is going into, yet, another direction. But I’m not sure where.

I find myself at a crossroad, once again.

Unlike the one where Robert Johnson sold his soul, to the devil. Just an everyday, crossroad  decision.

~Indians once thought, and many still do, that a camera had the power to steal your soul~

~I think a camera can capture your soul and hand it back to you-especially in surfing~

I treasure my camera. I look forward to being on the beach.

I wonder where this photography gig is going to take me.


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