Home Again

I’m home again. I’ve returned from a four-day, road trip; first to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica and then Parrita, a small coastal town, south of Jaco. I allow myself to sink, in the comfort of my little house again; back to my coffee pot, air conditioner and Big Bang.

The trip to town was brought about, by my need to see the dermatologist. I got a good report from the Doc. That was a relief. Then we were out and about town, visiting friends and mostly traveling in cabs. We did take the bus line one time. Traffic is so anti-systematic here. Cars dive for space; seemingly each driver is anticipating the other’s move, and it’s on! I’d much rather sit back and let a cab drive wreck his car, than take a chance on our rental.

After one night, we meandered south. Having not been here for eight months, I was re-amazed at the magical atmosphere of this country. January is a good time of year to be here. The air quality is perfect. Everything is green and the water is blue, blue, blue. It sounds simplistic but when all the natural elements chime, the results are harmonious.

The drive through the coastal rain forest was ethereal; our path ended at a friends mountain home, overlooking the ocean.  He’s always a welcoming host and someone I look up to. He helps me out with my surfing. We caught chest high waves, one after another, at a nameless break, near his house. He showed me landmarks, to line myself up, with the peak of the wave. The results were, I could do no wrong, wave after wave.

Then we hit the road, tired and ready to be home.

So, here I sit, once again at my computer. A beautiful sunset picture is posted to my Facebook Page. Surfing photos from Hermosa are on my Secondhand Surfer Page and I’m just waiting on Monday to surf again.

  • The prompt for the day was Childhood Revisited-I thought I would spare you that.
  • I thought about writing about my inheritance. I chose to spare myself that.
  • I decided to stick to the facts and write a simple story. It was the better decision.

Life, surfing and writing a blog is about endless decision-making. the less errors, the better.


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